Friday, November 2, 2012

Pines Foundation's Wit & Wisdom of Aging Luncheon

You never know what you are going to hear when you have Emmy-winning television journalist, Jack Perkins on the panel!  I didn't realize just how "personal" the Pines Foundation's Wit & Wisdom of Aging Luncheon panel was going to get!  I won't retell Mr. Perkins' story, but will just tell you it revolves around the Depends product and let it go at that.

Gulf Coast Community Foundation CEO, Teri Hansen moderated a panel that included, in addition to Jack, the retired head of Keep Sarasota Beautiful, Sandra Washington, and US Open and British Open winner, golf pro, Tony Jacklin.

All three panelists shared many insights to the wit and wisdom of aging, but I think I found most interesting how when each shared the most significant moment of their lives, each happened before they were adults.  Tony's happened when his father introduced him to golf when he was only 8 years-old, Sandra's happened to her when she attended school here in Sarasota and the community's values helped her chart the course of her life, and Jack's was when he attended a speech contest in high school and met his wife of 53 years.

I didn't really know Melissa Lerner, who co-chaired the event with Kim Bald, before the luncheon, but I felt like I really knew her heart by the end of her presentation about why she was involved with the Pines.  She said she was shy, but she told a powerful story about how she and her husband, Dr. Brad Lerner, found the Pines as a home for his parents, Jules and Mimi.  I think everyone in the room was in tears, at least I know I was.  She was a great example about how to give a meaningful testimony for an organization's mission.

Each year Pines Foundation produces a really terrific video to educate attendees about what goes on at the Pines.  Well, this year they outdid themselves.  It was all done in a gumshoe film noir style that was just marvelous!  I didn't know how they were going to pull it off, but they did in great style.  I think it was probably the best mission video I have ever seen done, and I've seen a lot of them!

The biggest news of the day - Last year there was a wonderful paddle raise that responded beautifully to a matching grant.  This year was even more fabulous!  The Z Foundation said they would match dollar for dollar the first $10,000 that was raised at the luncheon during the paddle raise.  Last I knew, it was approaching $70,000 and the envelopes were still coming in!  That means around $80,000 was raised on the paddle raise alone!  Now you are talking some major dollars!

Others who were spotted in the crowd and not photographed below were Paul Hudson, Heather Clark, Jane Lautner, Karin Grablin, Kristine Cox Taylor, Larry Hapsel, Steve Seidensticker, Jay Berman, Joan Geyer, Jon Thaxton, Lisa Van Ullen, John LaCivita, David Sessions, Al Goldstein, Betty Schoenbaum, Donna Simmons, Kathy Hargreaves, Rick Piccolo, Scott Collins, Jocelyn Stevens, Andy Dorr, Tom and Kim Dart, Peter and Marcy Abbott, Bob and Pat Johnson, Nathalie McCullough, Tramm Hudson, George Cole, John Patterson, and on and on.

Co-chairs Kim Bald and Melissa Lerner

Pine Foundation President, Estelle Crawford and Charles Githler

Pines Fdn. Board chair, Mike and Marie Pender

Sandra Washington and Lee Levine

Pines CEO John Overton and Peggy Wilhelm

Dave Shaver, Veronica Brady, and Zoltan Karpathy

Cheri and Steve Ziegler

Sophia LaRusso and Marian Moss

Alice Rau and Teri Hansen

Nikki Taylor and Marjorie Broughton

Michelle Crabtree and Dawn Crable

Michael and Terri Klauber with Rochelle Nigri

Jewel Ash and Gloria Moss

Margaret Boyd, Peggy Wilhelm, and Marilyn Saba

Tana Sandefur and Dr. Sarah Pappas

Kathy Stern and Fran Dietz

Leila Windom and Dot Schurenbrand

Julie Delaney

Scott Anderson and Gerri Aaron

Charlie and Dee Stottlemyer

Debbie Vollmer and Diane Nalls

Lois Schulman and Dannie Sherrill

The centerpiece - cupcakes!

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