Tuesday, November 13, 2012

WBTT's Jukebox 50s Revue

Can you ever have too much fun?  I don't think so, but the whole room sure tried at last Thursday's Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe's Jukebox 50s Revue.  I don't think I have ever seen so many old, balding, white men getting down with the groove as I saw that night.  Granted, it was a wildly diverse audience, as it should be, but the ones who stood out to me were the strait-laced bankers and attorneys shaking a little booty. 

The absolutely best part of the evening was the performance by the WBTT Troupe.  It was such high energy and so spirited you had to literally jump out of your seat and move!  They were so terrific!  I cannot say enough about them.  You must, must, must go and see one or all of their shows. 

One audience member in particular had the crowd on my side of the room mesmerized.  We couldn't take our eyes off him.  Every time a song would start, he could not contain himself and leaped out of his chaired and did the grooviest moves ever!  He was dropping down to the floor on one knee and shaking and shoulder rolling to beat the band.  It was simply amazing and I don't think I will ever forget it.  I so wish I knew his name.  

Michael Klauber did his usual fabulous job as an auctioneer.  Anne Weintraub won the bid for the diamond earrings and promptly donated them right back to be sold a second time! 

The buffet that Michael's On East provided was yummy, yum, yum!  I think they do the best buffets in town!  I am not usually a fan of buffets, but this one moved right along and had terrific menu items.

Others seen in the crowd and not photographed below were Mark and Jennie Famiglio, Allan Lane, Hobson and Anne Prentice Pilot, John and Janet Hunter, Jewel Ash, Gloria Moss, Anne Weintraub, Dr. L.B. and Peter Wish, Dr. Henry Porter, Dennis and Graci McGillicuddy, Penny Hill, Charlie Ann Syprett, Pam Daniel, George Augustin, Ron Cater, Lisa Rubinstein, Chris and Patricia Caswell, Michael Saunders, Judy Cuppy, Johnette Cappadona, Carol Buchanan, Sheila Baynes, Dr. Jacqueline Ray, and oh so many more.

Co-chairs Audrey Coleman and Renee Hamad

WBTT CEO, Christine Jennings and Donald Attanas

WBTT Founder and Artistic Director, Nate Jacobs

Scott and Candy Greer

Stephanie Shaw, Sophia LaRusso, and Lois Schulman

Veronica Brady and Gayle Guynup

Laurin Ripley, Peppi Elona, and Wendy Surkis

Kim Wheeler and Carolyn Spizzaro

Helen and Roy McBean

Lydia McIntire and Janice Zarro

Julie Leach and Alisa Pettingell

Barbara Parker and Scott Anderson
Iwan Mohamed and Marjorie Floyd

Nate and the crew

The centerpiece

The buffet line

Raul Molina and Tom Larrabee

Pink carnations for the male guests

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