Wednesday, November 21, 2012

AJC Civic Achievement Award Dinner

I think SunTrust's Chairman, President, & CEO, Margaret Callihan, must be the most popular girl in school right now.  I believe she has received more awards and tributes than anyone around lately and all well-deserved!  Last Thursday night she was honored at the AJC Civic Achievement Award Dinner at Michael's On East. 

Her tribute video was probably one of the most well-done and fun videos I have ever seen.  It was done by The HuB and it was just terrific!  I especially loved the background music, which was played by Margaret's family, including the talented Mr. Matt Callihan, Margaret's husband. 

The theme of the video was based on the artwork, "Integrity" by Mordechai Rosenstein, which highlighted Kindness, Service, Accountability, Teamwork, Respect, Communication, and Integrity.  Each word was spoken about in reference to Margaret by friends and colleagues such as Dr. Arthur Guilford, Dr. Larry Thompson, Ben Hanan, Kim Githler, and Veronica Brady.  I loved the story told by Dr. Guilford about how when he first met Margaret, he had to ask her to go into the bathroom at an event and zip up his wife because she had sustained an injury and couldn't do it herself.  Dr. Thompson said that Margaret was the ultimate symbol for teamwork.  Kim Githler told how Margaret texts her at 12:30 AM.  I know that to be true, because I have had email exchanges with Margaret around midnight myself!

After the video, AJC Regional Director, Brian Lipton, gave Margaret a t-shirt with the word Vanderbilt, her alma mater, written in Hebrew - very cute.

Gregory Miller, SunTrust's Chief Economist, was the evening's keynote speaker.  He drew wild laughter by a woman in the audience when he made his opening statement, " This economy is not as bad as you this it is."  Then he told us he was going to explain the economy in 15 minutes.  He said the private sector is doing okay and that in his economic forecasting he tries to be vague.  Then he closed by saying that "If anything I said tonight seems unusually clear, you must have misunderstood me."  That Gregory, ever the comedian!

Other highlights of the evening both included singing - two songs from teen phenom, Maria Wirries, who gave a nod to Margaret's Texas and Tennessee roots by singing, Dolly Parton's 9 to 5 and Glen Campbell's Rhinestone Cowboy(girl).  And then the big surprise and delight was when Flori Roberts gave her tribute to Margaret, she ended with a song - her special "Margaret" version to the tune of There's No Business Like Show Business - very cute.

Others in the crowd were Margaret and Matt's children - Jean and Phil, Carol Kalish, Bob Rosenthal, Bob Coppenrath, Matt DePalma, Pat Neal, Bea Friedman, Mort and Carol Siegler, Tom Luzier, Ron Gelbman and Laura Nelson, Joan Mendell, Leslie Glass, Josh and Amy Sankes, Caroline Zucker, Tom Waters, Jay Brady, Jennifer Gemmeke, Beth Knopik, Kyla Weiner, Elizabeth Lindsay, Karen Koblenz, Marty Katz, Clint Monts de Oca, Nancy Schlossberg, Sally Yanowitz, Anne Virag, Matt and Lisa Walsh, Dr. Donal O'Shea, and so many more.

Margaret Callihan and Flora Major

Roz Goldberg, Lois Stulberg, Flori Roberts, and Brian Lipton

Diane McFarlin and Matt Callihan

Roxie Jerde and Julie Milton

Gerri Aaron, Patricia Caswell, and Marv Albert

Ruth Lando and Anne Weintraub

Olivia Thomas, Pat Frye, and Barb Lewis

Andy and Ruth Maass

Janice Zarro and Felice Schulaner

Alica Berkowitz, Sue Jacobson, Dorothy Jacobson, and Estelle Crawford

Nicci Kobritz and Judy Cuppy

Margaret's parents - Mary Joyce and Dr. J.B. Lynch

Joe McKenna and Barbara Simon

Gwen MacKenzie, Margaret Wise, and Deb Knowles

Sara Lynn Dorrill, Jaymie Klauber, and Gayle Guynup

Gloria Moss with Roberto and Denise Mei

Wendy Hopkins and Nancy Roucher

Pat Johnson and Chris Jennings

Margot and Warren Coville

Kathye Faries and Lisa Krouse

The centerpiece

The salad


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