Monday, November 5, 2012

WRC's Fall Gathering Luncheon

It's always a full house at the Women's Resource Center's (WRC) Fall Gathering Luncheon at the Plantation Country Club in Venice and this year was no exception. 

In addition to a large silent auction and opportunity to snag bargains from the Encore! and More Boutique, guests were treated to a charming Broadway-themed performance from pianist David Sayer and singer Wendy Wolfe.

The main speaker of the day was "closetologist", Jackie Walker, who spoke to the theme of Life's Highs and Lows....and How I Wore Them!  She said, "If you don't feel comfortable and confident, you will not be happy no matter what material things you have."  She also said that a closet is a room of emotion, which I think is so true.  Speaking of the five fashion personas, she had me pegged to a t! One particular persona was the women who owned five pairs of Ferragamo bow pumps and wore pearls.  Was she looking in my closet? And how did she know I had exactly five pairs of those shoes???

Gulf Coast Community Foundation's Veronica Brady announced a challenge grant from an anonymous donor and GCCF.  All told, at last count, almost $20,000 was raised in a matter of minutes.  What a nice little bonus gift for WRC!

The WRC is such a valuable community asset.  It touches the lives of 13,000 women in our county each year with programs to boost self-esteem, enhance personal growth, improve computer and financial skills, increase employment success, understand the legalities of divorce and calm the mind, body, and spirit.  In the infamous words of Martha Stewart, WRC is a good thing!

Chair Annette Ross and board president Renee Hamad

WRC Executive Director Janice Zarro and Carolyn Spizzirro

Lydia McIntire and Marge Maisto

Kathy Coffey and Kathy Francoletti

Jane Kiebitz and Sheila Murray

Kirstin Fulkerson and Veronica Brady

Annette Dignam and Sue Joachim

Maria Roden, Heidi Bodor, Erika Raguth, Donna-Lee Roden

Sue Hoffman and Kim Wheeler

Closetologist Jackie Walker

Singer Wendy Wolfe

Orchid centerpiece

Lemon cake for dessert

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