Wednesday, November 14, 2012

AFP's National Philanthropy Day Luncheon

A packed ballroom of over 400 crowded into the ballroom at Michael's On East.  I heard there was even a huge waiting list!  It is most definitely the place to see and been seen.  It's a veritable who's who of the non-profit world, both staff and board.  You must not miss this!

Barbara Cruz, chair, introduced AFP (Association of Fundraising Professionals) Chapter President Judi Bell, who immediately wanted to talk politics, but in a good way.  After such a divisive election, she said it was nice we could all come together in the name of philanthropy.  That is one thing about this town, it totally runs on charitable works.  Our social life, our volunteer life, and even our business life, revolves around the over 2000 charitable organizations.

The host for the awards presentation was Bethany Cagle, Classical Music Host of WSMR 89.1.  The Outstanding Corporate Partner went to Donna and Mike Pachota of Sharky's on the Pier.  the Outstanding Foundation went to The Dart Foundation.  Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser went to Susan Brainerd.  Outstanding Individual Philanthropist went to Margot and Warren Coville.  And last, but not least, the Youth in Philanthropy Award went to a lovely young lady, Sarah Brickman, who said she likes to help people learn to help themselves and to show people how much fun volunteering is and how it changes lives.

What's the best thing about this event?  You are in and out of that place in one hour!  We literally were done by about 12:55 PM and everyone was on their merry way to the next thing.  Kim Noyes, the chapter administrator, is terrific at keeping everything in order and on track!

Others seen and not photographed below were Veronica Brady, Scott George, Aundria Castleberry, Carol Butera, Susie Bowie, Joan Paru, Ann Logan, Robin Clark, Kelley Lavin, Glenda Leonard, Phyllis Siskel, Carol and Howard Phillips, Susan Scott, Bart Tyron, Sue Seiter, Steven High, Tom Waters, Norma and Sam Savin, Amy Sankes, Jessica Rogers, Alex Quarles, Kaye Chase, Margaret Wise, Scott Collins, Susan Brennan,  Mary Beth Bos, Angel Hisson, Kathy Baylis, Michael Corley, Art Wood, Gerry Radford, Larry Thompson, Bob and Pat Johnson and just scads more!

Laurey Stryker, Debra Jacobs, and Roxanne Joffe

Dolly Jacobs and Gila Meriwether

Tom Stuhley and Aida Matic

Annette Dignam, Clint Monts de Oca, and Tom Dignam

Mary Evelyn Guyton and Tana Sandefur

Dottie Garner and Jennifer Gemmeke

Kathy Coffey and Kurt Stringfellow

Pedro Reis and Linda DiGabriele

Eva Slane and Julie Leach

Betsy Coville, Scott Anderson and Bev Koski

Debra Flynt-Garrett and Kim Noyes
Me, Angie Stringer and Kay Mathers

Jim Tollerton and Taylor Collins

Janice Zarro, Audrey Coleman, and Renee Hamad

Gina Gregoria and Ann Moore

Joan Golub, Susan Brainerd, and Christine Jennings

Doris Berkey, Judy Wilcox, and seated, Susan Olsen 

Jennifer Mitchell and Wendy Leslie

Lisa Intagliata and Julia Steele

Olivia Thomas and Stacey Corley

Orchids for the centerpiece

Red velvet mini-cupcakes for dessert

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