Friday, November 16, 2012

Planned Parenthood's High Tea at High Noon

The Van Wezel Grand Foyer was filled to the gills yesterday at Planned Parenthood's (PP) High Tea at High Noon.  In fact, it was a bit of a challenge to even walk around.  There is always a ton of support for this important event.  When PP CEO, Barbara Zdravecky spoke, she said she remembered when they started this event many years ago, women were even reluctant to have their names appear on the committee.  I remember when I was asked to do it a long time ago, I was proud to do so.  I felt like I was really stating something.

I must apologize for my photos in this posting.  That room is so hard to photograph for amateurs such as myself - that big bank of windows puts off a terrible glare and then you also have really dark corners.  There seems to be no happy medium.

Speaking of glare, where I was seated this year, it was really hard to see around the room.  I know there were tons of people there that I knew, I just couldn't see them and the way the room is set up, it was also a bit difficult, if not nearly impossible, to walk around and mingle.  I also had a bit of a challenge seeing the fashion show very well either.

Judi Gallagher was the chair and she looked terrific in her outfit from Dream Weaver.  From what I could see of the show, it was well done.  Marsha Panuce always does such a nice job coordinating the show each year. They had fashions from Dream Weaver, Foxy Lady, L.Kids, and June Simmons Designs.  Cute models, too, like Dr. Anne Chauvet, Molly Klauber, and Jan Grezep.  I was sitting next to my friend, Laura Proctor, and we had quite the fun and sassy time commenting about the clothes, which all seemed a little "adventurous" for our very conservative tastes, though perfectly lovely for other women.  We missed our other friend, Laura Leeming, who had a bit of an incident pulling out of her garage and had to miss the luncheon at the last minute.  Ask her about it!

It was all open seating, which I am not usually a fan of, but it is a nice opportunity to meet new people.  The woman across the table from me told me a very sweet story.  She said when she moved down here, her mother took her to this event for the first time.  Planned Parenthood was one of the top two charities her mom supported.  After her mother died, Monia continued to not only support Planned Parenthood as she had always done, but each year, she also added what her mom would have contributed if she would have been alive.  She said it made her feel close to her mom still.  I thought that was lovely beyond words and a nice gesture that others might want to consider doing.

Can I just mention the food a bit?  The shrimp bisque was very good, as was actually everything.  It was just that all of it together was a bit odd.  Asian noodle salad, scones, shrimp bisque, a plate of different hors d' oeuvres, and a plate of small desserts.  As I said, all tasted good, just an odd mix together.  Several people mentioned it to me.  Also, I think it must be very hard to serve well in that set up.  And though I am not a wine drinker, they did keep that flowing really well! 

All in all, a very nice event for a very important and worthwhile cause.

Others seen in the crowd were Gerri Aaron, Scotty Hamilton, Carolyn Johnson, Joan Kindred, Diana Lager, Mindy Mast, Diana Paver, who said the nicest thing to me, Carol Buchanan, Linda Soloman, Ina Schnell, Dr. Allison Silver, Janet Steele, Michelle Crabtree, Betty Schoenbaum, Joan Golub, and Joy Naylor and so, so many more.

Judy Zuckerberg, Hillary Steele, and Peggy Abt

Pauline Joerger, Laura Proctor, Susan Brainerd, and Cornelia Matson

Chair Chef Judi Gallagher

Renee Hamad and PP CEO Barbara Zdravecky

Mary Ann Servian and Judy Cuppy

Sharon Kunkel and Jocelyn Stevens

Lisa Rubinstein and Kristine Nickel

Ilene Denton and Kay Kipling with her new 'do

Scott Anderson and Judy Cahn

Staff members of Planned Parenthood

Chop sticks, and no I did not use them.  That's what forks are for.

Salad in a box

The dessert tray

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