Monday, October 29, 2012


Laurel Oak Country Club was the place to be last Wednesday night when SCENE Magazine launched their 2012 Women on the Scene issue.  Have you seen it yet?  This special issue is only published once every three years, so every time is a huge celebration of over 100 fabulous women who impact this area in a multitude of ways.  I am very proud to be the coordinator of all the special issues for SCENE, but I have to admit, this particular issue is always my favorite. 

Women on the Scene cover - Isn't it beautiful?!

We have a terrific team who puts these issues together including our editor, Julie Milton, art director, Michelle Cross, writer, Sue Englehart (Cullen), photographers, Rob and Kelly Villetto and Keith Millard.  It is quite the collaborative effort and we pull together what we think will be fresh and new each time!  You can go here to see the results -

Among others there and not photographed below were Marilee and Gary Roberts, Belinda Coffrin, Pat Mathews, Brandy Coffey, Dennis Stover, Marty Katz, Becky Bolletti, Loti Allen, Souad Dreyfus, Florence Conlan, Marsha Panuce, Kristine Nickel, Wanda Martinetto, Laura Leeming, Stephanie Hefner, and Stuart Roth.

SCENE editor and co-publisher, Julie Milton and me

Marilyn Schroeter and Marge Maisto

Vivian Kouvant and Gila Meriwether
Jane Kiebitz, Cindy Hill, Sherry Edwards

Michael and Grace Carlson

Renee Hamad, Peggy Wilhelm, and Barbara Collins

Stephanie Grosskreutz and Liz Carlson

Kathy Francoletti and Joyce Niederprum

Keith Millard and Sue Cullen

Karen Coblentz and Elizabeth Lindsay

Chris Voelker and Dr. Holly Barbour

Kelly Gettel and Aimee Cogan

Ashley, Susan Brennan, and Salena Wilhoit

Veronica Brandon Miller and Rob Villetto

Dr. Christine Cauffield and Jane Kiebitz 

Merry Williams and Michelle Pingel

SCENE's owners Julie and Ron Milton

Dr. Heidi Anderson and Christine Bolton 

Susan Samson and Darcie Duncan 

Estelle Crawford and Varinia Van Ness

Dan and Cynthia Downey and Liz Carlson

Dr. Mona Jain and Clint Monts de Oca
Alina Cemitier and Donna-Lee Roden

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