Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sailor Circus

I have heard about Sailor Circus for years but had never attended one of their performances.  Boy, was I missing something!  My family attended last Friday night's performance because my granddaughter, Marina was in it for the first time at age 9.  We really had a grand time and she did beautifully!  Actually all the kids did really well and several times I got a little teary because I was just so darn proud of them all! 

Attending the circus was something we have always loved.  For many years when our girls were small, we perennially bought tickets for the Ringling Brothers kick-off in Venice and now my husband and I take our three grandchildren to Circus Sarasota every year.  What a grand tradition the circus has been in Sarasota County and in the Benedict family's lives.

I was so glad to hear Circus Sarasota had taken over the reins of Sailor Circus.  It seems like such a no-brainer, doesn't it?  When Dolly Jacobs came out with her husband, Pedro Reis (Circus Sarasota co-founders) at the start of the show, it was wonderful to hear she had been an alumni of Sailor Circus, something I had never heard before.  

Of course, I was most interested in seeing my little Marina perform, but I must say, I was taken aback especially by the professionalism and talent of of the older kids on the high wire and the trapeze.  I think they could all join the "real" circus right now! 

Though the winter performances are now completed, don't miss the spring show - March 28-31 and April 4-7.  It is a treat and you will love it!

I got a two for one in this photo - my granddaughter, Marina standing next to one of the clowns from TideWell Hospice's Clowning Around Town fundraiser that I coordinated almost five years ago!  There are actually several of the clowns now housed at Sailor Circus from donations from the community.  It is always fun to see one here and there around town at places like Sarasota Memorial and Michael's On East.  What a terrific project that was!

Entertaining on the calliope before the show started.  I adore the sound!

Other granddaughter, Madeline, gets her face painted before the show started.

The finished product.

My daughter and Marina's mother, Kristin, in the red shirt showing people their seats.  Son-in-law, Mike volunteered, too.

Marina mid-performance.

Another performance shot.

Performing with grace.

The Benedict family under the big top - from top to bottom - my husband Jan, daughter Holleigh, me, daughter Kristin, grandchildren Madeline, Marina, and Brodie.  Son-in-law Mike was the photographer.

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