Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Junior League Child Advocacy Luncheon

Advocacy is one of the tenets of the Junior League, so their Child Advocacy Luncheon, now in its fourth year, fits their mission beautifully.  This year's theme was Empowering Children through Art.  Co-chairs were Dr. Heidi Anderson and Suzanne Anderson, with guest speaker, Victoria Domenichello Anderson - do we detect an "Anderson" theme?

Three Advocacy Awards were presented.  The community organization award went to Teen Court - originally a project of the League; the pprofessional award went to SPARCC's Natalie Lewis; and the volunteer award went to Anne Whiteside.

Art acts as an aspect of healing and communications says Victoria Domenichello Anderson who is a Registered Expressive Arts Consultant Educator.  She showed several videos to that effect and had us write words on a strip of fabric that told how we would feel if there was no child abuse.

In addition to those photographed below, others scene in the crowd were Ellen Berman, Victoria Leopold, Barbara Barrett, Lee Byron, Debbie Gigliotti, Gayle Guynup, Sharon Hicks, Sue Hoffman, Barb Lewis, Michelle Crabtree, Nancy Bailey, Alicia Chalmers, Heather Clark, and Marcia McLaughlin among others.

Suzanne Anderson and Dr. Heidi Anderson

Stanley Eding and Junior League president Lisa Ward (Sorry about the closed eyes, Lisa.  I didn't realize it when I took the photo!)

Bobbi Morgan, Kim Wheeler, and Debbie Shapiro

Mary Doughtery Slapp and Charlie Lenger

Christine Butler and Joy Weston

Carol Butera Dutton, Angie Stringer, and Phi Tavill

Alisa Pettingell, Nancy Vafeas, Anne McFall, and Caryn Patterson

Ollie Johnson, Kathy Standard, and Patty Alt

Terri Vitale and Jocelyn Stevens

Sarah Lodge

Jean Weiller and Roxie Jerde

Fay Rice, Katie Self, Marjorie Peter, and Christine Butler

Zina Sidorina and her daughter, Inna Snyder

Centerpieces - mosaics from the children of Oak Park school

More centerpieces

The fabric strip from our table


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