Thursday, January 12, 2012

Laura Bush at Town Hall

First Lady Laura Bush

One of the things that former First Lady Laura Bush said Wednesday at the Ringling College Library Association's Town Hall lecture series that I totally agree with was, "Books have the power to shape our journey as a nation".  She specifically mentioned books such as Uncle Tom's Cabin and To Kill a Mockingbird.  I think practically any book you read shapes your opinion and your actions whether in a positive or negative way and that in turn shapes your vision for your life.

Never known as a style icon, Mrs. Bush looks exactly the same as she did in the White House - simple suit, simple jewelry, simple hairstyle.  I didn't learn anything particularly earth shattering from her speech, other than she was in Sen. Ted Kennedy's office when the majority of 9-11 happened and she is very involved in ocean conservation - who knew?  She recently spoke at Gulf Summit 2011 regarding the health of the Gulf of Mexico.  She was going to visit Mote Marine Laboratory in the afternoon of her visit.

She did mention the whole hanging chad election thing and said her husband, George W. Bush became the brush clearing Zen man of Crawford, TX while he was waiting for the decision.  I wondered if she stopped by to visit Katherine Harris and say hello while she was in town?

Though they now live in Dallas, Mrs. Bush reported that their entire family spent the week after Christmas on Boca Grande and that Jeb Bush had his first grandchild - Georgia Bush.  Speaking of Jeb, she was asked if Jeb was going to run for president and she replied that she didn't know, but she hoped he would,

Going back to books, she said "reading is the guiding passion of her life".  I pretty much say that about myself, too.  Who would think we would be so much alike!  Well, actually, I think I do remember that she was a member of the Junior League of Dallas.  Not sure if she still is or not.  I remember when I went to the Dallas League Headquarters during an annual conference, they referenced that.

She was the founder of the Texas Book Festival and the National Book Festival in Washington, DC - ya got to love that about her, no matter what your politics are.  I was also glad to know she believed that when "you educate a woman, you educate a nation".  Amen to that, sister.

Mrs. Bush and the former president work mainly on four initiatives through the Bush Institute.  They are:

1.  Education Reform
2.  Human Freedom
3.  Global Health
4.  Economic Growth

Just those little ol' problems?  Glad to see they are staying busy and keeping out of trouble.

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