Monday, January 23, 2012

SMHF's Women & Medicine Luncheon

A brand new luncheon in town was held Friday at the Sarasota Yacht Club - both informative and interesting.  Sarasota Memorial Healthcare Foundation's Women & Medicine Luncheon, chaired by Ann Charters and co-chaired by Sandy Schumacher, presented an esteemed panel of doctors explaining new research in Parkinson's Disease and Nerve Regeneration.  We were all riveted.

SMH Foundation President and CEO, Alex Quarles introduced the panel that consisted of Dr. James Schumacher from SMH, and Dr. Ole Isacson, and Dr. Penelope Hallett from Harvard Medical School's Neuroregeneration Institute.  They spoke on the cutting edge studies now being done using stem cell research.  The most impactful thing to me was the video of the patient who had had the regeneration and how amazingly different his movement was.  It was incredible.

In addition to those photographed below, others in attendance were Susan Buck, Ping Faulhaber, Diane Muir, Teri Hansen, Michael Saunders, Susan Brennan, Matthew Bower, Nora Johnson, Pauline Joerger, Kathryn Carr, Deb Knowles, Sharon Black Floyd, Lee En Chung, Betsy Kane Hartnett, Marjorie North, Kim Cornetet, Carol Phillips, Cornelia Matson, Molly Schechter, and just scads more.

Jennifer Saslaw, Margaret Wise, and Charlie Ann Syprett

Gwen MacKenzie and Alex Quarles

Dr. Christine Caulfield and BJ Creighton

Deborah Beacham, Bev Bartner, and Gina Clamage

Nikki Taylor and Nikki Sedacca

Pam Daniel and Scott Collins

Betsy Marshall and Leslie Loftus

Wendy Deming and Kirstin Faulkerson

Susan Jones and Aimee Cogan

Gayle Guynup and Marjorie Peter

Lisa Intagliata and Cliff Roles

Flora Major and Helen Sosso

Jane Thompson and Marjorie Broughton

Kaye Chase, Joy Weston, and Vivienne Smith

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