Friday, October 19, 2012

SMHF's Key to the Cure

I have got to get out more.  At last night's Sarasota Memorial Healthcare Foundation's Key to the Cure event at Saks Fifth Avenue, there were almost 700 people and just scads of pretty young things whom I did not know.  I just saw a sea of pink, pink, pink.

Saks was packed to an inch of its life and it was actually a bit difficult to move around.  There were tons of food stations from various restaurants, which I did not get to sample.  Poor, poor me.  Taking pictures and talking to people usually leaves me very little time to eat, plus I don't want to stand around with a possible piece of spinach in my teeth!

There were no decorated bras this year, nor models parading around half naked, but this year they had keys to various prizes, of which there were tons!  They said you had an 80% chance of winning if you purchased a key.  That sounds like pretty good odds!  Prizes were valued from $20 to $3500.

There were photos being taken, which you could buy, glitter tattoos you could have applied, among other fun things, but it looked like the main thing to do was to just catch up with everyone after the long summer break.  And of course, raise money for a good cause - breast cancer prevention and treatment!

Others there and not photographed below included SMHF CEO Alex Quarles, Dr. Krista Toomre and Dr. Harold Johnson, Tamara Chapman, Dr. Elizabeth Callahan, John Chapman, Kelly Gettel, Beth Cannata-Keefe, Dr. Bill and Crystal Lahners, Deb Knowles, Beth Knopik, Susan Jones, Lisa Intagliata, Betty Intagliata, Kaye Chase, Andrea Hillebrand, Barbara Banks, Kyla Weiner, Gloria Good, Brent Greeno, Kim and Phil Mancini, Dr. Sheri Weinstein, Gil and Elisabeth Waters, Myrna Welch, Suzanne Atwell, Scott Collins and about 600 more!   

Sally Schule and Dr. Allison Silver Schwartz

Julie Milton and Kelly Romanoff

Salena Wilhoit and Gayle Guynup

Aimee Cogan

Donna Barcomb and Gwen MacKenzie

Wendy Feinstein

Helen Sosso and Miqui Lora

Jenni Hudson and Monica Barth

Penny Hill and Susan Dabney

Chelsea Veeneman, Courtney Adams, and Lea Mei

Margaret Wise and Gina Clamage

Jacqueline Morton and Sandra Lindqvist

Diana Kelly and Jackie Kelly

Carol Butera and Caryn Patterson

Anita Simpson and Lisa Beckstein

Chris Pinckney and Johanna Gustafsson

Scott Anderson and Hillary Steele

Alex Miller, Noelle Haft, Chris Voelker

Tammy Halstead. Diana Riser, and Kelley Lavin

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