Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sarasota Opera Curtain Raiser Dinner

Michael's Wine Cellar is such a beautifully romantic room, just perfect for the beautifully romantic music of the Sarasota Opera.  The Curtain Raiser Dinner is perpetually a very special, enchanting event.  I always enjoy attending every year. The wine cellar is aglow in charming candlelight and the intimate setting for only100 lucky guests is exquisite for listening to the performance of the studio artists - this year, Chelsea Basler and Matthew Hanscom, accompanied by Maestro Kristen Kemp.

The evening is an opportunity for opera lovers to reunite after the summer and to hear Maestro Victor DeRenzi, the opera's Artistic Director, share tidbits about the upcoming season.  This year the party also served as a bit of a welcome and homecoming for new Executive Director, Richard Russell.  Richard was flying back to New Jersey on Monday to pack his bags and move back to officially start his position this coming Monday.  It was quite evident the crowd was very happy to have him back at the Sarasota Opera, where he had been the marketing director for several years until a few years ago when he moved to New Jersey to take another position.

The food was beyond delish and I believe I ate every bite of everything I was served!  In fact, I think everyone at my table felt the same way.  Michael's staff was very attentive and were immediately there to attend to our every need.  It was a marvelously relaxing and entertaining way to end the weekend!

Also seen were David and Jacqueline Morton, Nancy Whitacre, Richard and Judy Baise, Bill and Bonnie Chapman, Pat Jones, Natalie and Sean McHale, Ben and Judy Handelman, Joey Frye, Carol English, Gudrun and Jorgen Graugaard, Bert Fivelson, Betsy Bagby, Joan Mendell, and Bob Coppenrath.

Richard Russell

Sandra Lindqvist and Jody Lippes

Bill and Monte Davis

Wally Kraemer and Joan Lovell

Estelle and Carl Crawford

Julie Milton and Gayle Guynup

Jennifer Sims

Frances Vitale and Gail Briley

Beet salad with Gorgonzola and pistachio vinaigrette

Entree - Filet Mignon with potato croquettes and asparagus

Dessert - creme brulee

The centerpiece

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