Friday, February 10, 2012

SPARCC'S Second Hand Rose Luncheon

One of the funniest and fun events in town for a very serious organization - that's what I think of Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center's Second Hand Rose Luncheon.  The thing that totally sets this luncheon a part from every other fashion show in town, is not only that they use the fashions from the SPARCC Treasure Chest resale boutique, but that the fashion show emcees are comedy duo, Ken Sons and Les McCurdy.  Oh my gosh, these guys are hysterical!  They are my favorite part!  When they were saying the "names" of the designers of each outfit (made up, of course), I thought I would die laughing!  They are just that good.

Les and Ken were there in honor of the late Sami Johns, who originally got them involved.  It was nice to hear Sami's name again.  I had kind of forgotten about her, though I don't know how I could.  She was a vivacious red head, with a heart as big as the over-sized glasses she wore.  She was a dear and it was so nice to remember her. 

One thing I must say, the group had this event organized.  I don't think I have ever seen the Ritz ball room with everyone seated and quiet in such a quick and orderly manner!  The luncheon chair was Luisa Goldman and the fashion show chair was Dori Zingmond.  Mary Kenealy-Barbetta lent her skills to the event planning, also.  The fashions were from a variety of eras.  The show started with a cute segment culled from Dirty Dancing.  The music made me want to get up and dance! 

One really interesting thing they did, which I think other events held at the Ritz might want to replicate, is that they wrote your table number down on a raffle ticket when you checked in and then at the end, they called off three of the numbers and the winners got to have their cars retrieved first from the valet - genius!  Whoever thought of that idea gets a big gold star in creativity. 

Attendees were able to arrive at 10 AM and shop from various vendors, including some Treasure Chest items.  I saw lots of people taking advantage of the terrific buys. 

This was the 25th anniversary for the luncheon - a critical and important fundraiser for SPARCC.  Some of the key facts about the organization for 2010-11 are:  They provided over 7,400 shelter nights to 191 women and 187 children; they provided 1472 victims with free and confidential services; they provided 6,097 hotline callers with safety planning and crisis counseling; and the staggering statistics go on and on.  Such a valuable community service.

With 660 in attendance, there were tons of people there.  In addition to those photographed below, some others there were: Jean Gay, Scotty Hamilton, Marilyn Billib, Sandy Strom, Tracy Seider, Erin Duggan, Deborah Bill, Lisa Walsh, Sue Jacobson, Roxie Jerde, Martha Honey, Sandra Lindqvist, and the list goes on forever!

SPARCC's Executive Director, Olivia Thomas and Stephanie Grosskreutz 

Luncheon chair Luisa Goldman

Tish Fitzgerald and Sara Bagley

Marie Monsky, Lenora Jost, and Vivian Kouvant 

Anita Holec and Cornelia Matson

Heather Dunhill and Renee Hamad

Katie Moulton and Graci McGillicuddy

Charlotte Hedge and Julie Riddell

Jane Kiebitz and Gina Clamage

Gayle Guynup, Renee Eppard, and Kristine Nickel

Jacqueline Morton and Beathe Elden

Stephanie Hannum and birthday girl, Emily Walsh

Veronica Brandon Miller and Stephania Feltz

The orchid centerpiece

The chocolate mousse cone with caramel center - yum!

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