Thursday, February 9, 2012

Historic Spanish Point's Pearls and Palate Pleasers Luncheon

I think everyone would agree that this was one of, if not the best, Historic Spanish Point luncheon ever, at least in terms of dollars raised.  During the live auction, hands were raised at a furious pace and auctioneer, Michael Klauber kept egging everyone on higher and higher.  Then at the end, there was a paddle raise for the creation of a fun tree house in conjunction with The TREE Foundation on the property just north of the Guptill House.  Gulf Coast Community gave a $5,000 challenge grant and within just minutes those wild and crazy Spanish Point supporters had gone over and above the $5,000 challenge.  Fab-u-lous!

Proud co-chairs were Laura Peters and Mary Evelyn Guyton who did a terrific job of guiding everything to its wonderful conclusion.  Honorary chairs were Julie Delaney and Margarete van Antwerpen.  Of course, all this fundraising was near the end of the luncheon.  What went on before?  A charming and delightful cooking demonstration by food gurus, celebrity chef Judi Gallagher and catering impresario, Phil Mancini.  Who doesn't love this pair?  They kept the crowd mostly attentive with their banter and cooking skills.  The food they prepared was delish!  Starting with their version of Oysters Rockefeller (I must say, I only ate the topping and not the oysters.  I just couldn't bring myself to do it.), followed by "airline" chicken.  Why is it called "airline" chicken?  Well, there are lots of theories, but Judi said because it is shaped like an airplane.  Okay, I'll go with that.  The piece de resistance was dessert - a beautiful Baked Alaska.    

The theme of Pearls and Palate Pleasers came from this being the 30th anniversary of Historic Spanish Point, which the 30th is traditionally represented by pearls.  There were lots of pearls in the room, including those worn by Phil Mancini, who just had to get in the spirit, too!  Historic Spanish Point is really quite a magical and seductive place, especially if you love early Florida history, which I do.  I remember when they first opened back in 1982.  We had just moved here and I didn't think Sarasota had anything historic whatsoever!  I was enthralled by Spanish Point and you will be too.  Be sure to visit soon!

Others attending in addition to those photographed below were Barbara Freeman, Marsha Fottler, Ellen Hashagen, Margaret Wood, Pauline Joerger, Christine Johnson, Carmen Baskind, Barbara Deubitsky, Dr. Arthur Guilford, Anita Holec, Cornelia Matson, Nikki Sedacca, Joanne Bloom, Kristi Bundrant, Cerita Purmort, Debbie Seitl, Julie Delaney and the list goes on.

Co-chairs Laura Peters and Mary Evelyn Guyton

HSP Board Pres. Paul Hudson and wife, Jenni

HSP Executive Director, Linda Mansperger

Ann Moore and Margarete van Antwerpen

Mimi Hernandez, Nora Johnson, and Ariane Dart

Mary Beth Goddard, Emily Walsh Parry, and Martha Rogers (look for a better photo of Martha below)

Gerri Aaron and Jocelyn Stevens

Victoria Leopold and Margaret Callihan

Sandy Werft and Stephanie Kost

Sara Bagley and Barbara Hansen

Sumner and Irene Bagby

Rita Steele and Sandy Rollings

Denise Barker and Patty Bettle

Denise Mei and Karen Valentino

Charlie and Dee Stottlemyer

Teri Hansen and Margaret Wise
Mary-Lou Moulton and Joan Campo-Liga

Ginny McCloskey and Sharon Rolle

Sue Hoffman and Carol Williams

Judi and Phil - doesn't Phil look nice in his pearls?

Judi and Phil preparing

The raffle baskets

Alisa Pettingell and Heather O'Neil

Sylvia Barber and Donna Baker

Judy Veale, Elizabeth Nace, and Kathy Coffey

Cindy Stuhley and Martha Rogers - this time looking at the camera!

The centerpiece in a shell

The Baked Alaska dessert!

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