Tuesday, February 7, 2012

RCLA Past Presidents' Luncheon

Today was the Ringling College Library Association's Past Presidents' Luncheon, held at Hyde Park Steakhouse.  It is always a fun and lively event and I always look forward to it.  This year's group was a little smaller than most years.  Several people were out sick, etc., but still a nice turnout.

RCLA Past Presidents - Seated: Susan Featherman, Francie Jones, current president Stacey Corley, and Doris Stelzer.  Standing in back are Ann Blunt, Susan Pore, me, Grace Riker, Isabel Norton, Carolyn Johnson, Gail Johnson, Dee Stottlemyer, Susie Reeder (partially hidden) and Susan Heitel.
The photo above is semi-hysterical.  Everyone is looking every which way.  The problem?  There were two people taking photos - the waiter and the hostess.  Instead of us saying, "One at a time, please", we let them both shoot at the same time and some of us were looking at one person and some the other.  Oy....

One of the things I have always liked about the Library Association is its determination to keep people within the family, even long after you have rolled off the board.  I was on the board from 1995 - 2007.  I chaired Town Hall in 2000 and was president 2005-06.  I enjoyed being on the board immensely and it is a great group of volunteers, with a tremendous fundraiser in Town Hall.  I remember many, many years ago when we decided to discontinue our big fashion show, which was always held in the fall to kick-off the season, and fully concentrate on growing Town Hall.  What a terrific decision that was.  I remember we did have to do a tie-breaker on the vote though!  Who knew what Town Hall would grow into!?

This group has made a real difference in the community and in Ringling College specifically.  We are on our way to building a new library and the Library Association has pledged $2 million dollars to make it happen.  Applause, applause!

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