Friday, February 3, 2012

Magazine I'm Obsessed With - Where Women Create

I am obsessed with the magazine, Where Women Create.  Have you seen it?  The newest quarterly issue just came out this week.  I'm not sure how long it has been published, but I have been buying it for a little over a year. 

The latest issue

Even though I don't feel I am an artist in the traditional sense of the word - I don't paint, draw, or craft in any way, I do feel I have a creative mind and an artistic eye.  I like to create fabulous parties and decorate my house by creating tablescapes, etc.  The only real creative things I can do with my hands are cook and write and I don't need a big space to do either of those things, but you should see the spaces in this magazines - wow!  Each one is so charming!

Every issue spotlights about ten different spaces, devoting several pages to each one.  For instance, the first story in this issue is on a store named On Paper.  It carries all kinds of paper things and the owner's designed line of wedding invitations.  It makes me want to immediately drive to Columbus, OH and just loll about the store shelves.

Designing a line of inspirational jewelry is what another woman does in her garage studio and another has a hair salon and spa that looks nothing like a salon - it's all very organic with crates of limes, apples, and lemons.  One woman has a studio that creates an online collection of illustrated recipes and maps, while another pair design "offbeat" furniture in their studio.  There are many other stories, but you get the idea.  It is SO interesting to be a voyeur and peek inside these personal spaces.  I love to see how they organize everything.

Stampington and Company publishes WWC and also a couple of my other favorites - Where Women Cook, Artful Blogging, and Art Journaling.  These magazines are not cheap.  They run $15 each, but they are beautifully done with a nice heavy stock for the cover and good quality paper for the pages.  They are keepers.  The company was started in 1994 and produced a small line of rubber stamps used in crafting and now also publishes over 20 speciality magazines.   

Each issue provides me with several unique inspirational views.  So many talented women doing so many creative and interesting things.  Living out their dreams and creating their bliss.  Their stories are helping me create my own life story.  What could be better?

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