Friday, April 19, 2013

Samaritan Counseling Services' Women Helping Women Luncheon

It was a beautiful spring day inside and out at the Samaritan Counseling Services' Women Helping Women Luncheon at Michael's On East.  Co-chairs Barbara Collins and Peggy Wilhelm did a masterful job taking the event up a notch with a bit of glitz and glamour.

At the start of the luncheon three women were honored for their past and ongoing service to Samaritan - Corinne Smith, Cherie Leetzow, and Debbie Howell.

A tight rein is kept on the luncheon timetable and we were out by 1 PM, which is always appreciated by the working folks in the crowd.  The luncheon's message is simple, yet impactful - raising needed funds for the faith-based counseling services the organization provides for all income levels.  Rev. Rick Howell, the group's Executive Director always does a wonderful job telling the stories of the people helped by Samaritan.

After Rick's heart-warming stories, ABC7's Linda Carson took the stage to tell about her family's own counseling stories and then announced that Samaritan had been given given a $10,000 matching gift challenge and then if that was accomplished, another donor would give an additional $10,000 for a $30,000 total.  Upon hearing that news, hands started flying in the air with pledges to help meet the goal.  The goal was met in a matter of minutes to everyone's delight!

I must say the luncheon was not only monetarily successful, but also looked beautiful.  Peggy and Barbara had asked Brigid Hewes-Saah and myself to work on decorations and menu and we had a terrific time doing so.  Pink lemonade with mint leaves was served during the social time, as guests were perusing the silent auction items.  We chose a light seafood salad for the entree, followed by a decadent carrot cake.  I could tell the menu was a huge success when I notice everyone at my table pretty much finished every bite of both the entree and the dessert!  The invitations and program featured a photo of the prototype of the centerpiece, which was so pretty in purple and lime.

Next year's luncheon will be on April 24th, so mark your calendars now.  This is a moving luncheon that you will not want to miss.

Barbara Collins and Linda Carson

Dana Lederer and Peggy Wilhelm

Rev. Rick and Debbie Howell

Dr. Dan Watts and Margaret Boyd

Elizabeth Belill, Shirley Ritchey and Cherie Leetzow

Denise Barker and Patty Bettle

Sherry Watts and Fondren Watts

Dee Stottlemyer and Linda Mansperger

Velda Turner and Dee Stottlemyer

Diane Geimer and Dorothy Stuart

Dot Scheurenbrand and Susan Featherman

Kitty Cranor, Stacey Corley, and Karen Wilson

Kathy Stern and Susan Radcliffe

Eleanor Schurergaard-Olsen and Fran Dietz 

Kim Cornetet and Karen Fessel

Jane Goodwin and Sandy Pepper

Jessica Hays and Daniela Kirvin

Nancy Cason and Lydia Chapdelain

Barbara Seimer, Leila Windom, and Roxie Jerde

Moi and Brigid Hewes Saah

The table

The centerpiece

The program

The seafood salad with tropical fruit entree

The delish carrot cake dessert

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