Friday, April 5, 2013

Girls Inc. Celebration Luncheon

I am only going to say one sentence about this - At 12:30, guests were still coming into the Girls Inc. Celebration Luncheon, which started at 10:30 AM with the reception and 11:30 AM for the actual luncheon, because the valet line at the Ritz Carlton was so long.  Anyway....other than that, the luncheon was lovely and heart-warming.

Especially impressive was Gabrielle Holt, who spoke as a Girls Inc. alumni.  She is 17 and is a senior at Riverview High School.  I don't think you could find a more poised, self assured, and bright young woman than Gabrielle.  Also speaking was a current Girls Inc. member, Katherine Villegas, and a Girls Inc. alumni from 25 years ago, local attorney, Nancy Cason.  Michael Klauber spoke eloquently how the Girls Inc. program had impacted his own daughters.

This year's Girl of the Year was Zandy Sanders and the She Knows Where She's Going Award went to Lisa Walsh, VP of The Observer Media Group, and all around great gal!

Co-chairs Johanna Gustafsson and Chris Pinckney welcomed over 800 guests to this always popular luncheon.  Chris did a terrific job telling everyone why it was important to support the Girls Inc. program and was hoping to inspire gifts of over $60,000.  I think by all the envelopes waving in the air with donations, that they probably achieved their goal!

The local Girls Inc. program is one of the tops in the country and an important part of our community.  As we see every year, these girls grow up to be strong, smart, and bold - the best of the best!

Others seen at the luncheon were Gayle Guynup, Charlie Lenger, Sherry Watts, Janet Walter Huey, Roxie Jerde, Brian Lipton, Barbara Banks, Sally Schule, Jessica Hays, Patty Bettle, Denise Barker, Fran Lambert, Teri Hansen, Gerri Aaron, Marv Albert, Sherry Edwards, Stephanie Shaw, Emily Walsh, Audrey Coleman, Ann Logan, Judi Gallagher, Kristine Nickel, Wendy Hopkins, Renee Phinney, Sue Seiter, Nikki Taylor, Marjorie Broughton, Robin Serbin, Molly Jackson, and so many more.

Co-chairs Johanna Gustafsson and Chris Pinckney

Patti Eisemann and GI Interim Director, Kay Mathers

Lisa and Matt Walsh

Kim Cornetet and Patti Haarz 

Jewel Ash and Melba Jimenez

Janet Hunter and Gloria Moss

Graci McGillicuddy and Aimee Cogan

Diane Slattery and Gila Meriwether

Katie Moulton and Susan Kelly

Veronica Brandon Miller and Charlene Wolff

Susan Jones, Helen Sosso, and Kim Githler

Beth LaGasse and Alisa Bennett

Michelle Young and Lisa Swift

Veronica Brady and Stephanie Grosskreutz

Terri Klauber, her daughter Ceara, and Miqui Lora

Heather Clark and Scott Atkins

Jamie Jalwan, Lindsey Nickel de la O and Erin Duggan

The centerpieces

The entree

The dessert

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