Thursday, April 25, 2013

Community Video Archives' Hall of Fame Luncheon

Four dedicated, fun, and inspiring honorees composed the inductions to this year's Community Video Archives' (CVA) Hall of Fame.  The luncheon, held at Michael's On East, is always a must-attend on the Sarasota social calendar, so of course, I was there!

Chris Pfahler chaired the event for the seventh (!) time and Judy Fiala was once again the emcee.  The grande dame of the day though was CVA president and founder, Annette Scherman.  What a wonderful gift she has given the community by producing this treasure trove of local history.  She mentioned at the luncheon that there have been over 16,000 borrowings for CVA videos over the years.

Isabel Norton, a long-time community volunteer, Nate Jacobs, founder and artistic director of Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe, Janice Zarro, Women's Resource Center's Executive Director, and Charlie Huisking,  retired from a long career as the arts and entertainment writer for the Herald Tribune, were the the 2013 class of inductees.  Of course, these brief descriptions are just the tip of the iceberg of the accomplishments of these four.  Each one has been a true leader in our community for many, many years and I am honored to be friends with most of them.

I love to see the video snippets of each inductee.  The childhood photos especially are usually "ahhh" inducing and usually the teenage photos are good for a little chuckle, as hairstyles are always, ahem, interesting!

One of the best things about this luncheon is that it always runs on time.  You are in and out within an hour, but it does not feel rushed.  If you have a flexible schedule, there is also plenty of time afterwards to mix and mingle, as most stay around and chat for at least another hour.

Others seen in the crowd were Lydia McIntire, Gayle Guynup, Larry Thompson, Wendy Resnick, Richard Storm, Renee Pastor, Eva Slane, Roberta Hamilton, Beth Knopik, Pam Truitt, John Horne, Dr. Donal O'Shea, Roberta MacDonald, Bob Turoff, Robin Serbin, Lee Peterson, Susan Featherman, Betsy Kane Hartnett, Kim Githler, Laurey Stryker, Carolyn Spizzirro, Audrey Coleman, Anne Garlington, Marjorie Peter, Betsy Bagby, Dr. Henry Porter, Mary Anne Servian, Iain Webb, Barbara Zdravecky, Nancy Roucher, Scott Atkins, Flori Roberts, Roxanne Joffe, Karin Gustafson, Michael Saunders, Ron and Rita Greenbaum, and oh so many hundreds more.

Annette Scherman and husband, Bob Drohlich

Judy Cuppy, Janice Zarro, Carol Green

Nate Jacobs (with Betty Schoenbaum on the side!)

Helen McBean and Charlie Huisking

Isabel and Randy Norton

Joel Ellzey and Sally Schule, with Jane Smiley, seated

Kim Wheeler, Heather Clark, and Jennifer Guendjoian

Kimberly Bleach, Susan Buck, and Paul Hudson

Sen. Bob Johnson and Dennis Stover

Dannie Sherrill, Phil Delaney, and Laura Spencer

Shirley and Jim Ritchey with Dorothy Stuart

Renee Hamad and Phil King

Deb Knowles, Susan Jones, and Margaret Wise

Art Wood and Sarah Pappas

Kay Kipling, Pam Daniel, and Ilene Denton

Roxie Jerde and Alice Rau

Tom and Annette Dignam

Peggy Wilhelm and Barbara Collins

Hillary Steele and Scott Anderson with Debbie and Larry Haspel

Pedro Reis and Dolly Jacobs Reis

Christine Jennings, Julie Leach, and Will Little

Debra Jacobs and Marjorie North

Merry and Stan Williams

Veronica Brady, Lisa Rubinstein, and Bruce Rodgers

Wendy Surkis and Lois Stulberg

Brad Baker and Sandra Terry

Linda DesMarais and Carolyn Michel

Joan Kindred, Victoria Brown, and Linda Higginbotham

Moi and Kelley Lavin

The centerpiece

The entree with a pile of chicken hidden underneath the salad leaves

The dessert, some kind of toffee mousse - one of my favorites at MOE

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