Friday, March 9, 2012

My Three Favorite Stores

Just looking at me, you might be surprised at what my three favorite stores are.  These are stores that bring me comfort and joy.  I love to take a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and just enjoy being in one or all of these stores.  You might think my favorite store is Saks Fifth Avenue and you would be incorrect.  Don't get me me wrong, I do love to shop at Saks, but buying clothes does not really bring me comfort or ease the tension in my body.

I love a bookstore no matter what mood I am in.  It is my favorite store of all time, but it is especially soothing to me if I am upset or weary.  I always think I can find whatever answers I am looking for in my life at a bookstore.  I adore any kind of bookstore.  As soon as I enter through the doors, I can feel the weight of the world lift off my shoulders.  I actually sigh in relief as I walk in.  When I travel, I like big box stores and little independent stores.  They both serve a purpose.  It is amazing to me how different each Barnes and Noble is in each city.  The independent stores are gems also.  I love E. Shaver's in Savannah.  I have found the most interesting books there.

E. Shaver, Booksellers in Savannah, GA

I also like to visit the bookstore/gift shop at any art museum or historical site.  I could spend just hours there.  I remember once when I went to a Junior League conference in San Francisco, I visited the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art with the two women who came just before and just after me as president.  They were bored stiff and quickly left, while I stayed for about three hours in the bookstore there and literally came home with an entire suitcase of art books.  I wish I would have had them shipped!

Secondly, I could spend all day at an office supply store like Office Depot.  I love to look at all the different kinds of pens, markers, paper clips, post-it notes, index cards, notebooks, calendars, folders, files, and on and on.  I think I have just about every size of post-it note known to man!  My grandchildren love to rummage through Nana's desk and play with everything in there and so do I! 

The final place I enjoy shopping is any kind of nursery or garden center.  I have been know to literally start tearing up at the beauty of a particular plant.  One time when I was at Home Depot, I saw the most gorgeous hanging basket overflowing with pineapple mint - my very favorite herb.  I thought it was the second coming and I couldn't help myself but be overcome by it's magnificence.  (The only other time in my life where I have spontaneously burst into tears from beauty was when I was at opera singer Kathleen Battle's concert in Tampa.  Her singing was so majestic that I just started weeping while I was listening.)  I am a cottage garden girl, so love any kind of herb, rose, butterfly plant, etc.  Hardly anything makes me happier on a glorious spring day than to plant herbs or cut roses.  Divine.

So, those are my three favorite stores that help me escape from the world and bring me much happiness.  What are yours?


  1. We'll have to go shopping sometime. Those are my three favorite kind of stores, too. Although I do like to browse in a good old-fashioned hardware store as well!

  2. Oooh, me too! Old-fashioned hardware store is my 4th favorite!