Monday, March 12, 2012

ARC's Dog Night Out & Breaking News!

If you love dogs, whether you have one or not, you should attend Animal Rescue Coalition's Dog's Night Out, held every year at Saks Fifth Avenue and this year co-chaired by Deb Knowles and Wendy Mann Resnick.  It is such a fun evening!  My dog, Bailey, and I look forward to this evening all year.  Everyone is so proud of their dogs!  I can't believe how many of them are dressed up.  I don't think Bailey would allow me to dress him up.  This year they didn't do the dog fashion parade, but it was still an entertaining evening.

You could have your photo taken with your dog, which many people did.  I didn't with my dog because I had just came from the groomer who had done a horrid job on my poor  Bailey.  I will not be going back there!  Bailey also has a terrible time with allergies.  He has pretty much chewed off the hair on the whole back half of him, though he still has the cutest face possible!

It was quite a challenge for me to try to hold Bailey, take pictures for the blog, and write down information.  The H-T's Gayle Guynup was the smart one and left her dog at home so she could write without being pulled all over the place!  I don't see how I could leave Bailey home though.  This was his third year at the event and I can't tell you how much he enjoys it!  He is literally on the move all night long, going from dog to dog, smelling, sniffing, and sparkling!  He is so happy and you can just see it on his little face!  He is having the time of his life!

Normally there are more vendors than there was Friday night.  Not sure why there weren't as many this year.  I want to encourage everyone to attend this event next year.  It has a relatively inexpensive ticket price and it is just plain fun.  Everyone is so happy and excited to show off their "children" and the dogs seem equally excited to be there hob nobbing with all the other swanky dogs in town.  

Others there with and without their dogs:  Terry McKee, Mark and Jennie Famiglio, Bob and Kathryn Carr, and Nancy Wagner.  There were many more notables there, but I was too busy with Bailey to write them all down!

Breaking News....Stephanie Hannum is leaving The Observer after six years.  As of April 1st, she will be VP of Operations at Diana E. Kelly, Inc.  A perfect position for this smart, beautiful fashion plate!

Jane Kiebitz with Alex, Mary Beth Goddard, and Flora Major holding my Westie, Bailey

Gayle Guynup with co-chair Wendy Mann Resnick

Scott Anderson with Bykos, one of several dogs he has

Barbara Dumbaugh with Titus whom she takes to agility competitions

Kyla Weiner with her "brother", Jacob, and Susan Jones, who left her very large dog at home

John Hunter with Behta

Elizabeth Waters with a snazzily dressed, Mimi

Denise Ames, Sally Schule, holding a puppy who was up for adoption, Beth Bobb, and Denise's daughter Sarah

Denise Mei with Suzie

Paul and Judi Gallagher with Norman and my Bailey

Susan Callahan with Bear, Elle McComb, and Dr. Elizabeth Callahan with Perlane

The Lahners family with Gracie

Don and Mary-Lou Moulton with Miss Faye

Rochelle Nigri, Chris Voelker, and Alex Miller

This is Bailey doing what he enjoyed most all evening.  I think he intimately smelled every dog there at least 3 or 4 times!

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