Friday, March 16, 2012

Junior League Past Presidents' Luncheon

One of the lovely traditions of the Junior League of Sarasota is the Past Presidents' Luncheon, held every spring at the home of one of the Past Presidents.  This year it was held at Beth Cannata-Keefe's new home.  Usually there is a much bigger attendance than there was this year.  One of the challenges was that the day of the luncheon was the start of spring break and a lot of people were, unfortunately, out of town.

Current League president and about to be newlywed, Lisa Ward, welcomed everyone and introduced us to three "Emerging Leaders" of the League (pictured below) who shared with us the energy and activities of this year and the future.  Lots going on.  First of all, the program focus for the future will be childhood nutrition.  The major fundraiser coming up next  month is the Simply Sarasota Kitchen and Garden Festival (which I chaired the inaugural year last year). The League has also started to make and sell different items to go along with that event including tea, soaps, and candles.  Make sure you pick up those when you attend the Festival. The three Emerging Leader gals put on the luncheon and did an excellent job. 

I think if you ask almost any past president, they will say being president of the Junior League of Sarasota was one of the best experiences of their lives.  I know it was mine.  I was president many moons ago in 1995-96, almost 20 years ago!  I have always said that if you have been president of the League, you can do anything! 

The League is open to all women who are interested in volunteerism and making a difference in their community.  You don't even need a proposer and sponsor anymore.   It is much "easier", though now they say "flexible", to be a League member time-wise, due to the changing face of volunteerism.  I have mixed feelings about that because I am such a traditionalist,  but I understand the need to make changes.

I love being a member of the Junior League of Sarasota and if you are not already, I encourage  you to consider becoming part of this wonderful community institution, too!

Me and Stacey Corley

Lisa Ward and Beth Cannata-Keefe

Leila Windom, Nancy Boyle, and Marilynn Koach

Dee Stottlemyer and Donna Barcomb

Angie Stringer and Veronica Brady

Dorothy Stuart and Barbara Brown

Peggy Roberts and Beth Cannata-Keefe

Olivia Thomas

Judy Quealy and Sue Renfrew

"Emerging Leaders" Courtney Davenport, Renee Wyatt, and Casey Stevens

Simply Sarasota Junior League tea that is being sold 

The luncheon buffet

Table one

Table two

Table three

The dessert table

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