Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lunch with Denise and Flip Flips & Fashion Luncheon

A fun, three-hour, girlfriend luncheon yesterday with Denise Mei at Bijou Cafe, where we covered topics ranging from both of our recent obsession with polygamy on TV - me with Sister Wives and she with Big Love - to her excitement over her upcoming trip to Miami to look for a wedding dress with future daughter-in-law Nicole, and as there will be an entourage, hopefully not one of those crazy Say Yes to the Dress experiences, one of my other TV obsessions.  Lots of friends stopped by the table to say hello including Sen. Bob Johnson, Kim Githler, Myrna Band, Veronica Brady, and Leslie Loftus.

Have you been to Children First's Flip Flops and Fashion Luncheon?  It is always cute as can be, under the tent and on the beach at Sharkey's on the Pier in Venice.  I particularly like it because it is only about 5 minutes from my home and I don't have to drive to Sarasota.  For once, Sarasota comes to me.  The weather always seems to be a challenge, though.  Last year there was a driving rain during the middle of the event and this year was hot, hot, hot.  Many of the guests could be seen fanning themselves with their programs.  I most decidedly did not wear flip flops.  I am definitely not a flip flop type of gal, and normally think they should be banned, but one place they are appropriate is the beach, so I approved them for everyone for just that day.

Co-chairs of the event were Kristy Cail, Nola Hietbrink, who is also the board chair, Donna Pachota, and Jackie Rolfes.  Brent Greeno was the emcee.  Don't we all love Brent?  If there is A/V needed at an event, he is the one we all call and he greets us all with hugs and kisses.

Of course, how much fun is it to see children in a fashion show?  Tons!  One little one was carried by her daddy as she waved to the crowds and blew kisses all down the runway.  She was precious.  Some others sash-shaying down the runway, albeit not blowing kisses, were Renee Phinney, Kelly Morrell, Debbie Dannheiser, Dr. Heidi Anderson, Daisy Saunders, and Kyla, Dave, and Amara Weiner.

Children First President and CEO, Philip Tavill spoke movingly about support, which he always does in his rich baritone voice.  Other staff members, Carol Butera-Dutton and Angie Stringer did a marvelous job corralling all the different pieces of the event, including the fairly significant boutique.

Seen in the crowd were Susan Jones, Emily Walsh Parry, Susan Radcliffe, Kathy Stern, Leslie Jones, Jenni Hudson, Anne McFall, Veronica Brady, Kirsten Fulkerson, Deb Knowles, Vanessa Opstal, Venice Mayor John Holic, Kristine and Marlene White, Kelly Menke, Denise Mei, Michelle Butler, Lynn Mosely, Gerri Aaron, DeDe Curran, Kim Cornetet, Mary Beth Bos, Donna Mateer, Barbie Neilsen, and Paula Clemow.

Alright, now this is the part where I said my camera skills were a little lacking.  I'm no Cliff Roles, that's for sure!  I have to learn more about shooting outside.  Susan Wilcox has already given me some tips for next time.  I will be getting better, so please be patient....

The darling centerpiece

Kelly Menke, Kristine White with daughter, Marlene

Barbie Nielsen, Paula Clemow, Donna Mateer

Emily Walsh Parry, Deb Knowles

Kirsten Fulkerson, Stephania Feltz, Susan Jones

Dr. Heidi Anderson, Angie Stringer 

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