Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kick-off to a New Adventure and Share the Light

Today is the kick-off of my new blog.  It isn't going to be perfect yet, drats, especially the photography, but I need to just start, so here it is.  I will be covering all things civilized in the Sarasota-Bradenton area and sometimes will venture out on a little field trip.  Mainly I will be sharing with you about charitable events and private parties I have attended, books I am reading, galleries and museums I have visited, entertaining tips and party ideas I am working on, and all things civilized.  I hope you will join me Monday thru Friday on this journey.

The first event I attended this new season was Second Chance Last Opportunity's Share the Light Luncheon.  Being honored were two Community Champions, Christine Jennings and Dr. Washington Hill.  What I most liked was Christine cutting her speech short and just saying, SCLO needs your donations.  She suggested if each person there donated about $150, all needs would be taken care of.  She even suggested the women forgo their hair appointment this month and just buy a box of coloring at Walgreen's!  Well, I love SCLO and all they are doing, but I used to color my own hair many moons ago and I am not going back to that for anyone.  And yes, even though I am naturally a blond, David Strattard at John Carl Salon helps enhance with some strategic highlights.  I tell him I want to "sparkle" and he does just that.  I don't think I can get that on a shelf at Walgreen's.

There were tons of friends there, so happy to see each other for the start of season.  They included: Jan Zarro, BJ Creighton, Renee Hamad, Heather Dunhill, Marjorie North, Linda DesMarais, Scott Anderson, Veronica Brady, Chris Pfahler, Tess Evanoff, Susan Brainerd, Warren Simmonds, Julie Leach, Eva Slane, Mollie Cardamone, Paul Hudson, Alex Quarles, Sarah Pappas, Jennifer Gemmeke, Rev. Jerome Dupree, Hank Battie, Ed James, David Goldman, Tom Waters, Kathy Hargreaves, Judy Cuppy, and Nate Jacobs.  Two of Nate's WBTT stars, Tsadok Porter and Sheldon Roden, sang two songs that made you want to get up and dance.  What a treasure they are and what a treasure SCLO is - thank you, April Glasco, for being so inspiring..

Tess Evanoff and Renee Hamad
Jan Chester, Carol Poteat-Buchanan, Barbara Zdravecky

Phil King, Audrey Coleman, Dr. Lou Bertha McKenzieWharton

Christine Jennings and Amb. Jennette Hyde

Kim Cornetet and Melba Jimenez


Janice Zarro, Marjorie North, BJ Creighton

Amy Lovejoy and SCLO CEO April Glasco

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  1. Congratulations, Debbi! I love your new blog and am looking forward to reading it.