Friday, January 25, 2013

SMOA's Inaugural Bash

Overwhelming is the perfect word for the Sunday night SMOA (Sarasota Museum of Art) Inaugural Bash.  Overwhelmingly popular, with 700 guests, overwhelmingly well done by co-chairs Dottie Baer Garner and Brooke Callanen and the Ringling College of Art & Design staff, and a fabulously overwhelming twig sculpture by artist Patrick Dougherty.  It was all a perfectly overwhelming, overwhelmingly perfect evening!

The big two attractions were of course, the big twig sculptures.  Everyone was so enchanted by them.  I heard many people talking about how they helped gather the twigs that were used.  The other interesting part of the evening was having the opportunity to get a look inside the old Sarasota High School, soon to be the SMOA Museum and Education Center.  It was packed with the masses getting a good look.

Then it was into the multitude of tents, the first ones holding all the delectable food offerings from many of the Sarasota Originals, including Michael's On East, Bijou Cafe, Polo Grill, Caragiulos, Euphemia Haye, Harry's Continental Kitchens, and several more.  It was just one huge buffet.

The main tent was beautifully decorated, lead by designer, Susan Hritz Scholz.  It was very earthy.  Twig shadows were on the ceiling of the tent and the centerpieces were small tree trunks on grass cloth looking tablecloths.  It was all very much on theme, which I so appreciate!  Lots of dancing went on with music provided by Ace Factor.

An interesting tidbit, when I saw Lynn and Dr. Arthur Guilford, Arthur told me his grandfather was the builder of the high school.

Another interesting tidbit, I saw TONS of young people there.  It was such a nice mix of ages, which is something that each event strives for and this group accomplished.

I can barely begin to name even a fraction of the guests, but I will give you a taste.  I am sure I didn't even see many of those who were there.  I saw Mary Beth and Brad Goddard, Joan Nixon, Gil and Elisabeth Waters, Harry Leopold, Roy and Susan Palmer, Robert and Shannon Warren, Mickey Fine, Betsy Wyant, Alison Louie, John and Mary Ann Meyer, Tom and Sherry Koski, Salena Wilhoit, Sarah and George Pappas, Lois Stulberg, Peppi Elona, Jean Martin, Mike and Karen Valentino, Judy Cahn, Hillary Steele, Larry and Debbie Haspel, Sally Trout, Chris and Eleanor Merritt Darlington, Dr. Sidney Katz and Elaine Keating, Dan Denton, Meade and Art Ferguson, Noreen Delaney, Ramses Serrano, Bev and Bob Bartner, Susan Dabney, Tom and Ann Charters, Jackie and Angus Rogers, Gayle Guynup, Chris and Kirk Voelker, Chris and Aimee Cogan, Darrell and Lynn Turner, Felice Schulaner and Dennis Rees, Suzette Jones and Richard Dorfman, Barbara Banks, Leibe and Billy Gamble, Terry McKee, Terri and Michael Klauber, Phil Mancini, Monica and Dr. Richard Van Buskirk, Ilene and David Denton, Kelly Gettel, Scott Collins, Peggy Abt, Andrea Hillebrand, Dr. Paul Jaworski, Keith and Linda Monda, and so many, many more.

Dottie and Bob Garner

Dr. Larry Thompson and Mary Lee Ritchey

Michael and Stacey Corley with Steven and Lisa High

Lisa Rubinstein and Bruce Rodgers

Ellen Berman and Flori Roberts

Rachel Shelley and Phil King

Dyck and Caroline Andrus

Flora Major and Wendy Surkis

Alex Quarles, Ann Garlington, and Susan Brennan

Roxie Jerde with Dannie and Gardner Sherrill

Jennifer Gemmeke and Renee Hamad

Stephanie Grosskreutz and Virginia Haley

Bob and Laurin Ripley

Dr. Arthur and Lynn Guilford

BJ Creighton and Nikki Nilon

Barbara Zdravecky and Carolyn Johnson

Veronica Brady and Joy Rogers

Rebecca Donelson and Robert Blattberg with Charles Forman and Karen Solem

Pam Daniel and George Augustin with Wendy Feinstein

The twig sculptures at dusk

Sarasota High School bathroom decorated for the event

The tablescape

The atmosphere

Tommy Klauber - a Sarasota Original

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