Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sarasota Orchestra's Leading Ladies Gala

So much fun!  That's all I can say about the Sarasota Orchestra's Bravo Broadway, Our Leading Ladies Gala last Saturday night.  Oh, and it was beautiful, too!  And on top of all that, it was a double dessert night!

The evening started out as guests strolled along the "Walk of Fame" to the cocktail hour on the terrace of the Van Wezel Grand Foyer and then it was on to a fab dinner by Michael's On East.  I had the lamb and it was yum, yum, yum!  Not sure why event chairs are so afraid to serve that.  It was so good!  I wanted to pick the bones up and get the last little bits, which are the tastiest, but of course, being civilized and not in my own home, I didn't!  A quick three part small bites dessert was served and then it was upstairs for the show.

They had a huge committee that worked on decorations and it showed.  I don't think I have ever seen the Grand Foyer look so pretty.

Before I forget, there was also a lovely video tribute to the three Leading Ladies - Beathe Elden, Bunny Skirboll, and Anne Folsom Smith.  Each one had a "producer", Tina Skestos, Betty Schoenbaum, and Bea Friedman respectively, who spoke about how fabulous each one is, and they truly are all terrific ladies!  I know and adore each one.  They are such valuable assets to not only the orchestra, but to the entire Sarasota community.

The evening program piece was so charming, made to look like a Broadway Playbill.  Barbara Simon, VP of Development was proud to tell me it was all done "in-house".  In fact, everything about the evening played to the Bravo Broadway theme and it was done exceeding well.

The actual orchestra performance with three outstanding Broadway stars, Susan Egan, Lisa Vroman, and Doug LaBrecque flew by!  I always love this particular performance each year and I believe this year's was the best ever.  In addition to his conducting talent, Andrew Lane is as cute as can be when interacting with the performers.  He is a joy!

After the show, it was back downstairs to the Grand Foyer for the "Tony Celebration Dessert Buffet" and dancing.  The table was piled high with Michael's tempting confections.

It was a long night, starting at 5 PM, but even at 11 PM, there were scads of guests out on the dance floor with some captivating  moves!  AND, let me tell you, many of them were not youngsters!  I was exhausted by then, but they seemed to have all sorts of energy.  It was just that kind of night.

Congratulations to co-chairs Helen Glaser and Pam Steves and the staff of the orchestra for an enchanting and well organized evening!

Others seen in the crowd were Gayle Guynup, Mort and Carol Siegler, Jack and Judy Bloch, Barbara Staton, Bob Cutler, Beth Waskom, Stephanie Shaw and Stan Pastor, Dr. Arthur and Lynn Guilford, Mike and Karen Valentino, Edie Chaifetz, Mickey Fine, Susi Steenbarger, Sally Yanowitz, Lois Stulberg, Wendy Surkis and Peppi Elona, Mark and Robin Serbin, Larry and Carol English, Kelley Lavin, Sydney and Jerome Goldstein, David and Jackie Morton, Shelley and Ed Sarbey, Gil and Elisabeth Waters, Phil and Julie Delaney, Doug and Roxie Jerde, and so many fabulous more!

Beathe and Gerald Elden

Bunny and Mort Skirboll

Anne Folsom Smith and Hillary Steele

Helen Glaser and Pam Steves

Orchesta CEO Joe McKenna and Gordon Greenfield

Barbara Simon

Betty Schoenbaum and Jeremy Lisitza

Scott Anderson with Sherry and Tom Koski

Phil King and Dennis Stover

Flori Roberts and Felice Schulaner

Teri Hansen and Margaret Wise

Denise and Del Cotton

Norma and Sam Savin

Cornelia Matson with friend and Anita Holec

Bette and Arnold Hoffman with Veronica Brady

Pam Daniel and George Augustin

Gerri Aaron and Marv Albert

Greg Gregory and Ilene Friedman

Sandra Lindqvist and Lisa Walsh

Sue Jacobson with Marilyn and Irv Naiditch

Jeffery and Jocelyn Stevens

Al and Barbara Siemer

Late night dancing

The towering centerpiece

Beet salad

The first dessert

Beautiful stemware

The second inning of dessert

Another dessert view

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  1. Yeah I completely agree that Sarasota Orchestra's Leading Ladies Gala was so fun. All the photos are depicting all the fun everyone had over there. At some local party Venues in NYC we would also be attending such a bash in next month. Feeling so excited!