Friday, April 13, 2012

NCLA's Pique-nique sur la Baie

(First of all, I have been having a little technical difficulty with my router, hence intermittent Internet access.  My blog has been down since last Friday, but I should be back up and running again now, at least I hope so.  Keep your fingers crossed!)

A balmy, okay, sometimes downright hot, spring day greeted over 400 gorgeously dressed women and a few dapper men Wednesday at New College Library Association's Pique-nique sur la Baie.  This year, even though it was still held on the lawn of the Charles Ringling estate (now called College Hall) on the campus, it was actually moved in front of the Ringling's daughter Hester's smaller house, due to a construction project.  It didn't detract at all from the beauty of the event and it actually felt a bit cozier.  I liked it.
This was the 29th Pique-nique.  It was my pleasure to chair the 20th one and I was especially excited that year when we had famed NYC hat designer, Eric Javits, as our guest.  He judged the hat contest and was just all around fabulous!  They also held a hat contest this year and winners were Kelly Gettel, Inna Snyder, Jacqueline Morton, and Lauren Walsh, as announced by Heather Dunhill.
Event chair, Aimee Cogan looked lovely in her matte gold dress and feather fascinator.  Isn't it interesting how we have all learned about the "fascinator" since Will and Kate's wedding?  I saw several of them around.  Aimee did a nice job of keeping everything warm and welcoming, as is her personality. 
The invitation and program were so pretty this year with the Provence field of lavender drawing by Brittany Heiring White.  The committee followed the theme with lots of purple and lavender, as you can see by the photos below. 
One lavender thing that didn't work - the napkins.  Oh yes, they were pretty, but they had satin on one side so they weren't absorbent and they kept slipping off everyone's lap onto the grass.  Future event chairs might want to rethink that satin option.
I think Saks Fifth Avenue produced one of their best fashion shows that I've seen in a long time.  I could tell that Sally Schule, Saks GM, put extra effort into this one.  The evening gowns were my favorite part of the show and they were exquisite!  Sally said she brought them in just for this show.

Michael's On East served delish chicken crepes, rice, and beets.  I am developing quite a taste for beets and enjoyed this rare side dish.  They were colorful and tasty.  We might want to think about using them more.

There is always much excitment around Pique-nique each year.  I have always loved it and it is one of my favorite events.  It is such a delight to select an outfit and a hat each year.  It is marvelous to see everyone so beautiful.  I throughly enjoyed the glamorous afternoon.

Among those attending and not photographed below were: Dr. Mike Michalson, Michelle Peluso, Justine Amdur, Lisa Morris, Betsy Colbert, Alex Miller, Noelle Haft, Brenda Landry, Jean Martin, Elaine Keating, Chris Pfahler, Teri Hansen, Mary Beth Goddard, Cornelia Matson, Ashley Grant, Becky Bolletti, Patty Bettle, Ruth Lando, Jennifer Fox, Melissa Dunlap, Sharon Kunkel, Janet Walter, Lois Chohodas, Ilene Fox, Nancy Laudando, Johanna Gustafsson, Sania Allen, Michele Vandendooren, Wendy Weiss, Carol Williams, Ping Faulhaber, Kathy Coffey, Gardner Sherrill, Mary Ann Meyer, Brigid Hewes Saah, Susan Mitchell, Gloria Good, Pam Revels, David Yarletts, Marty Katz, Johnette Cappadona, Margie Gayle, Laurie Blake, and Felice Schulaner.

Chair, Aimee Cogan, Kelly Gettel, and Saks' Sally Schule

Julie Riddell, Margaret Callihan, and me

Renee Hamad and BJ Creighton

Jimmy Pritchard and Jessica Rogers

Veronica Brady, Rebecca Donelson, and Jane Kiebitz

Pat Thompson, Giovanna McGrath, and Carol Anziano

Deborah Blue and Gayle Guynup

Sandra and Per-Erik Lindquist and Bea Elden

Jacqueline Morton and Jackie Massey

Dottie Garner and Mary Lou Thomas

Jennie Famiglio and Nancy Martin

Susan Brennan, Elise Buck, and Veronica Brandon Miller

Wendy Feinstein and Lauren Walsh

Elizabeth Nace and Anita Holec

Joy Weston, Melba Jimenez, and Steve Miles

Jody Fountain and Chip Gaylor

Pat Thompson and Graci McGillicuddy

Emily Walsh and Nora Johnson

Renee Brady and Heather Clark

Renee Phinney and Jenn McCallister

Charlie Lenger

Charlie's daughter and friends - aren't they the cutest!?

Flora Major

Margaret Wise, Nikki Sedacca, and Mollie Nelson

Kindsey Neeson and Susan Wilcox

Kelley Lavin and Pam Daniel

Elisabeth Waters - love the feathers!

Mary-Lou Mouton, Ginny McCloskey, Cindy Stuhley, and Judy Rush

Pauline Joerger, Karin Leereveld, Mimi Hernandez, Chris Lindsay, and Heather O'Neil

Jocelyn Stevens, Margaret Callihan, and Roxie Jerde

Kim Neiman and Melanie Puccini with the dessert plate

The runway back drop

The runway and models

The centerpiece and bread - all in one!

The party favor

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