Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Community Video Archives' Hall of Fame Luncheon

Four dynamic women, four inspiring life stories - you have to love the Community Video Archives' (CVA) Hall of Fame luncheon held at Michael's On East.  It is always one of my favorite luncheons of the year. 

Annette Scherman, the founder, president, and the volunteer director of CVA, looked so pretty.  Purple is definitely her color!  It gave her such a lovely glow.  Chris Pfahler was the chair for the sixth time and Judy Fiala was the emcee.  All did a terrific job keeping everything running smoothly and on time.

Neiman Marcus was the beginning of Kim Githler's fabulous business career.  She finished high school early and went to work at the iconic store, quickly becoming noticed and moving up into the management training program.  After a few years she took out a loan on her Corvette and started the company that would become the wildly successful international Money Show.  The company produces financial shows all over the world, on cruise ships, and on the web.  She said the two most important secrets to a happy life were the power of love and having faith in humanity. 

A car also played an important part in the career of Linda DesMarais.  She had originally focused on print journalism and interned at the Washington Post.  She was driving her car during that time and it broke down in front of a local TV station.  She went in and they mistakenly thought she was there to apply for an open position, so she interviewed and won the job because at the end of the interview she was asked what her favorite book was and she said Atlas Shrugged.  That sealed the deal and the rest is television history.  She is now a co-owner of SNN6.  Linda shared that the two things for a successful life are doing the right thing and learning to say you're sorry.

Debra Jacobs was always planning and organizing from a young age.  As the oldest of four girls, she had to go to bed early at 7 PM, so the other children could get a reprieve from her organizing.  For those who know Debra, they know she still goes to bed early, though now it is 9 PM.  Even in high school, she organized prom dates for every girl in her class so each one could "feel like a princess."  After college she worked in banking and became the first female to be invited to enter the bank's management training program.  She continued to excel and is currently the President and CEO of The Patterson Foundation.  Her mother taught her that it is about others and not herself and her suggestions for a good life are to daily learn something new, help someone else, and do one thing to make a difference.

 The grande dame of Sarasota philanthropy, Betty Schoenbaum, shared that the joy of giving is the joy of living and she enjoys every day.  Born in 1917, the still beautiful Betty was a model for Lazarus' department store in her hometown of Columbus, Ohio.  She attended Ohio State University and anyone who knows Betty, knows she can easily break in the OSU fight song at a moment's notice.  She met her husband Alex at OSU and he wanted to make $1 million before getting married.  Betty was unwilling to wait that long and gave her future husband one month to marry her or else. Of course, she got her way.  Her advice for life is to do unto others as you would have them do unto you and she also has a reminder on her telephone to take the time to make someone happy today. 

As I am sure you know, each honoree's video is available to borrow at all Sarasota County Libraries, New College's Jane Cook Library, the Sarasota History Center, AND the Library of Congress.

The food and decorations are minor elements at this event.  It is all about the honorees.  The simple salad with yummy cookies and the potted mums, did their jobs well.

This is always a sold out event and yesterday was no exception.  Everyone who was anyone was there.  I am sure I missed a ton of VIPs, but a few who were there and not photographed below were:  Phil Delaney, Stanley Kane, Ina Schnell, Gwen MacKenzie, Linda Di Gabriele, Michael Edwards, Eva Slane, Sandy Loevner, Flora Major, Bill Harrison, Dr. Sarah Pappas, Dr. Larry Thompson, Dr. Arthur Guilford, Kathryn Carr, Kim Cool, Yen Reed, Sally Yanowitz, Roxie Jerde, Jocelyn Stevens, Miqui Lora, Susie Bowie, Lori White, Rick DeFuria, Paul Wolfe, Roberto Mei, Sophia LaRusso, Judy Cahn, Shirley Ritchey, Wendy Resnick, Doug Barker, Bill Buttaggi, Dr. Tom Schroeter, Kaye Chase, Lisa Intagliata, Vicki Hornberger, Lauren Walsh, Montana Ross, Tom Luzier, Dennis Stover, Phil King, Kathy Schersten, Carolyn Johnson, Pam Truitt, Laurey Stryker, Valerie Dorr, Stephanie Shaw, Michael Saunders, Victoria Leopold, Mary Beth Bos, Jane Goodwin, Velda Turner, Fran Dietz, Jane Kirschner-Tucillo, Susan Brennan, Charles and Mary George Smith, Bunny Skirboll, Jamie Aymerich, Kim Wheeler, Jean Weidner, Al Goldstein, Molly Schechter, Yara Shoemaker, Lisa Walsh, Ron Gelbman, Hillary Steele, Michael Scott, Tom Waters, Alex Quarles, John Schaub, Alina Cemiter, Eileen Curd, Beth Knopik, Nikki Sedacca, Molly Jackson, Terry McKee, Veronica Brandon Miller, Paul Hudson, Greta Carlo, Diane Roskamp, Mary Lee Richey, and so, so many more.  

Annette Scherman and Margaret Wise

Debra Jacobs and Graci McGillicuddy

 Linda DesMarais

Kim Githler, Margaret Callihan, and Jean Callihan

Joann Miller, Betty Schoenbaum, and Tana Sandefur

George Augustin and Denise Mei

Gila Meriwether and Jennifer Gemmeke

Noreen Delaney with Peggy and Ken Abt

Dan Bailey and Diane McFarlin

Dr. Edward and Roberta Hamilton

Annette and Tom Dignam

Billy and Nora Johnson

Marjorie North, Veronica Brady, and Karin Gustafson

Lydia McIntire and Renee Hamad

Gayle Guynup and Karen Bogues

Elaine Keating and Art Wood

Chris Pfahler and Inna Snyder

Nancy Bailey and Pat Thompson

Dr. Henry Porter and Bill Buttaggi

Pedro and Dolly Jacobs-Reis

Rita Greenbaum and Jewel Ash

Christine Johnson and Pauline Joerger

Stewart Sterns and Marilyn Howard

Jan Zarro and Dorothy Stuart

Current and past honorees gather for a photo

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