Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Red Cross Mad Hatter's Tea Party

You knew you were arriving at a party as soon as you drove down the street to the home of Margaret and Bill Wise.  Cars were parked for as far as you could see.  Chic vendors lines the drive to tempt you and your wallet with all sorts of special treats.  Going up the steps of the grand Southern mansion, volunteers lined up in vintage Red Cross uniforms to greet everyone - so cute!  Guests were milling all over the place - in every room, out on the veranda and downstairs on the lawn.  And as you can see by the photos below, most guests wore their Mad Hatter best!   

Food was arranged everywhere!  You could not have gone hungry if you tried.   Margaret and Bill really do have a stunning home, especially when it is dressed for Christmas, that is just perfect for this kind of event.  Red Cross staff member, Nicole Rissler did a wonderful job pulling it all together with chair, Diane McNeel.

One minor problem, when it came time to announce the hat contest winners and other things, it was very difficult to hear, as many guests were upstairs on the veranda, while the speakers and other guests were downstairs on the lawn - and no microphone.  I have no idea who won, so please someone, post it on the comment section if you know.  (I have been told now that Jennifer Mitchell won best original hat and Aimee Chouinard and Wendy Finestein also won awards.)  Other than that, it was a beautiful afternoon in the company of gorgeous, well-dressed women and lots of delish food for a wonderful cause!

Margaret Wise and Mollie Nelson

Susan Jones, Wendy Feinstein, and Veronica Brady

Red Cross CEO, Megarie van Sickle and staff member, Elizabeth Miller

Shirley Lascelle and BJ Creighton

Cornelia Matson and Donna-Lee Roden

Dawn Sharp

Jennifer Gemmeke and Jennifer Mitchell

Nikki Sedacca and Renee Hamad

Aimee Cogan and Ariana Dart

Jeanette Hyde and Kathy

Jocelyn Stevens, Roxie Jerde, Charlie Ann Syprett, and Jennifer Saslaw

Scott Anderson, Monica Slater Van Buskirk and her daughter, Gabby

Ariana Dart and Teri Hansen

Pedro Reis, Renee Phinney, and Dolly Jacobs Reis

Beth Knopik and Julie Riddell

The view from the veranda

Lots of goodies in the breakfast room

Lots of goodies in the dining room

Two volunteers in vintage Red Cross uniforms

The living room dressed for Christmas

Goodies between the kitchen and breakfast room

Lots of goodies in the kitchen

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