Monday, November 14, 2011

Ringling College Library Association Membership Reception

I have been a member of the RCLA for many, many years - about 20, I think.  I served on the board for many years and am a past president and a past Town Hall chair.  It is a fabulous organization with the very best fundraiser in town - Town Hall!  They always produce a very lovely membership reception each fall.  Years ago, we used to host it at people's homes and then when I was president, we moved it onto campus, so our members could have the opportunity to see what they were supporting.

This year members were able to mingle and look at the student artwork on the walls.  You can see a few pieces in the background of the photos below.  Aren't we fortunate to have one of the best art and design schools right here in our fair city?  RCAD is an outstanding asset to the cultural and educational fabric of our area, largely due to the exceptional vision of RCAD president, Dr. Larry Thompson.

During the short program, Stacey Corley, RCLA board president, announced to the crowd that the Library Association had just presented Larry with a check for $400,000 as part of their $2 million pledge for a new library.  The Library Association has given millions of dollars to the school AND it is done with a staff of one and the rest are the best volunteers in the world!

If you are not already a member, you should consider it.  With your membership, you get first dibs on those hard to get Town Hall series tickets and you are invited to the art lecture series, which is always fascinating.  Plus you get to be part of the family of an exceptional college with uber talented students who are changing the art world.  How fabulous is that?

Meade and Art Ferguson and Stacey Corley

Kathleen Weiner and Kristine Cox

Susan and Harry Pore

Chef Jeremy Hammond Chambers and Ann Garberding

Karen Eastmoore and Chicky Drost

Pat Thompson and Marjorie Floyd

Kathleen List and Renee Pastor

Joan Kindred, Mrs. Labertson, and Barbara Frey

Merry and Stan Williams

Kathy and Rich Stern

Cassie Nesbit, Jerry and Ollie Johnson and Walt and Renee Eppard

Bev Koski and Tish FitzGerald

Kristine Nickel and Carolyn Johnson

Christine Johnson, Jean Emery, and RCAD President, Larry Thompson

Stacey Corley and Ginny McCloskey

Barbara Campo

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