Wednesday, November 16, 2011

AFP's Philanthropy Day Luncheon

Everyone who is anyone in the non-profit world was at Michael's On East yesterday for the Philanthropy Day Luncheon.  They run a tight ship there time-wise, and we were in and out of there in no time!  Lunch started at noon and we were out by 1 PM.  Whew!  And they honored several people, too!  And showed videos of each one!

Kim Noyes did a great job with reservations for the sell-out crowd.  Co-chairs Jennifer Meyer and Amy Sankes started the ball rolling, followed by Laura Breeze, AFP Chapter President.  Diane McFarlin and Bob Carter also welcomed everyone.  The actual program was emceed by Bethany Cagle.  Outstanding Corporate Partner was Bright House Networks; Outstanding Foundation was The Bolger Foundation; Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser was Susie Walters; Outstanding Individual Philanthropist was Ginger Judge; Lifetime Achievement Award was Margaret Mason and her late husband, Major Gen. Raymond Mason, Jr.; and then there was the Youth in Philanthropy Award, which was won by Stevie Peacock, a really substantial young woman.  I was very impressed with all she had accomplished in her 17 years.  That young lady is going places!

One last mention - the dessert was my absolute favorite at Michael's - the macadamia nut tart.  I even got Phil to give the receipe to the Junior League for our cookbook - yum!

In additional to those photographed below, also seen in the crowd were Don Roberts, Kathleen Weiner, Ilene Denton, Pam Daniel, Mike Michalson, Mary Lee Ritchey, Aundria Castleberry, Betty Schoenbaum, Sue Seiter, Tom Luzier, Carol Clark, Lee and Bob Peterson, Linda DiGabriele, Vivienne Smith, Christine Johnson, Dolly Jacobs, Pedro Reis, Jennifer Mitchell, Jennifer Gemmeke, Chuck Sidlow, Debra Flynt Garrett, Jan Zarro, Phil Tavill, Angie Stringer, Carol Butera Dutton, Veronica Brady, Teri Hansen, Dr. Lars Hafner, Glenda Leonard, Alexis Upham, Estelle Crawford, Jane Lautner, Jocelyn Stevens, Felice Schulaner, Gloria Moss, John Cranor, Christine Jennings, Andy Walker, Gwen Heiser, Phil Delaney, Kathy Coffey, Phil King, Erin Barker, Stephanie Shaw, Susan Buck, Jan Chester, Sharlene Hillier, Debbie Douglas, and Joan Paru.

Birthday girl Graci McGillicuddy, who turned 70 yesterday, and Veronica Brady

Sally Schule and Susan Jones

Dan Bailey and Ric Gregoria

Debra Jacobs and Molly Jackson

Clarke Dvoskin and Olivia Thomas

Peggy Olsen and Susan Brainerd

Debbie Dannheiser and Karin Gustafson

Lydia McIntire and Gerry Radford

Alice Rau, John Schaub, Tana Sandefur

Dan Hoffe and Roxanne Joffe

Marjorie Floyd and Laurey Stryker

Tom and Annette Dignam

Ann Logan and Hillary Steele

Mary Beth Bos and Lisa Intagliata

 Wendy Surkis and Peggy Abt

Kim Noyes

Eva Slane and Roxie Jerde

Dennis Stover and Jane Smiley

Michael and Stacey Corley

Selby Garden's orchids

Best dessert ever - Macadamia Nut Tart

Co-chairs Jennifer Meyer and Amy Sankes

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