Thursday, December 6, 2012

La Musica's Sonata a Due

It is hard to find a more refined evening in Sarasota than La Musica's Sonata a Due at the Charles Ringling Mansion. I know I always say this, but it is true. 

Cocktails started out on the loggia and then we moved to the mansion's music room for the concert.  As I sat there in the audience, I was thinking what it must have been like during the Ringling era.  I would love to have a music room in my home for concerts and musicales.  Wouldn't that be just divine?

After the marvelous concert of Medelssohn and Beethoven by Frederico Agostini on the violin and Derek Han on the piano, which really is the highlight of the evening and the entire reason for being there, we then retired to the living room, which was festively decorated for the holidays.

Following the short live auction, Sally Faron, La Musica's Executive Director, shared with us the new cookbook that La Musica has produced, Epicurean Encore, which was created at tge suggestion of some of the musicians.  It is a darling little cookbook full of fun, easy recipes, which were contributed by the musicians, board, and friends of La Musica.

Did you know this year is Artistic Director, Bruno Giuranna's 80th birthday?  They are dedicating this season to him in celebration. 

La Musica truly is such a treasure in Sarasota's cultural landscape.  It takes place in early April over a two week span and brings in renown chamber music musicians from all over the world.  You must make sure you put it on your spring calendar!

Others seen were Jack and Isabelle Wright, Molly Schechter, Terri and Fred Derr, Gayle Guynup, Terry and Robyn Sullivan, Robert Stanton, JoAnn Urofsky, Ellen Cavanaugh, Linda Knox, John Mason, Joan Morgan, Lee Neild, Sonia Velasco, Jimmy and Rene Stewart, Kay Curtis, Bill Farmer, Barbara Pekow, Guillermo Aruc, John and Barbara Rade, Roberta and Carl Benninghoff, Lee Ross, Birgitta von Kessel, Gudrun and Jorgen Graugaard and so many more.

Janet Hunter and Sally Faron

Brock and Julie Leach

Deborah and Walt Beacham

Phil King and Charlotte Isaacs

Gloria Moss and Scott George

Scott Anderson and Hillary Steele

Marian Moss and Rebecca Baxter

David and Lee Peterson

Julie Milton and BJ Creighton

Renee Hamad and Phil King

Marsha Panuce and David Hess

Pam Daniel and George Augustin

The table

The dessert, another one of my favorites from Michael's On East!

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